The Oracle is the first machine learning synthesis module, and is available now.

The Oracle is a control voltage (CV) sequencer in the Eurorack format. The module is based on a machine learning algorithm that can detect repeated patterns in a sequence. The device learns a control sequence (think a melody) and produces variations on that initial sequence in a musically meaningful way (think theme and variations).

The algorithm builds a model of the syntax of the sequence that then allows for the generation of new, closely related sequences. These new sequences follow the logic and structure of the original sequence, but with different orderings.



User Example Videos

The Oracle User Manual

Firmware Upgrades

See User Manual for more information.

The Oracle Firmware v04 (11.26.2016) (adds ability to learn gate sequence w/ cv sequence)

The Oracle Firmware v03 (10.1.2016) (adds CV control over Learn/Generate behavior)

The Oracle Firmware v02 (8.29.2016)